About Kristeen

Kristeen BullwinkleI develop, enact, and teach marketing communication strategies and tactics that save money, use multiple resources, and are designed knowing that change is always in the future.

I like to be a part of my client’s team, making them more successful through reaching their audiences more directly and purposefully. For some clients I review and help them evaluate their content and tactics. For others I suggest content and content strategies. For others I am accountable for most of their online presence.

Areas of expertise: Content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, PPC marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), cross-functional team leadership, strategic and integrative communications planning.

A few career highlights

  • Through content strategies and SEO, I have kept one e-commerce site in the #1 position for Google search results for over 250 keywords and keyword phrases for over nine years (as reported by Google Search Console.) Profits have increased year-over-year from 6.5% to 29.6%. This site is restricted from using any online or print advertising so relies on search, email and social tactics.
  • Improved conversions for an AdWords campaign by 77%.
  • Initiated a linking strategy which took average daily page views from 650 to 17,500.
  • Wrote content for new landing pages with calls to action that increased conversions.
  • Created, maintained, and marketed one of the first Federal Reserve Bank Web sites.
  • Project manager on many website redesigns, including e-commerce sites.
  • Managed integration of sites from two merging colleges, plus two academic departments; managed integration of new architecture and marketing for an 800-page site to support major new initiatives.
  • Awards won for Web site, online magazine, integrated communications, and writing.
  • Increased goal completions significantly year over year.
  • Increased number and position of highly ranked keywords for an e-commerce site:

    69 #1 ranked keywords or phrases.
    265 #1.0 ranked keywords or phrases (12/7/2016)
  • Contributed extensively to the growth in website visits and conversions of e-commerce site through SEO, social media and content strategies:
    Growth in website visits.
    Growth in website visits from approx. 2,000 to 9,000 visitors per week.

    Growth in visits to target landing page.
    Growth in visits to target landing page from approx. 250 to 1,800 per week.