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3 Really Bad Internet Marketing Mistakes I Bet You’re Making, Hubspot

A great reminder of the importance of keyword research—ongoing keyword research. Ongoing keyword research that drives online marketing strategy and activity. Also reminders about the importance of writing effective calls to action (one I seem to find much easier to create for my clients than for myself) and measuring the source of your leads.

Content strategy is, in fact, the next big thing, Brain Traffic

Content strategy takes planning and, well, a strategy. I’ve worked where every content contributor had their own specific goal and nothing was reviewed against a larger plan. The result was disjointed content and confused readers. I’ve worked where the strategy was rather self-serving and personality-based, and while that was not a strategy I really believed in, our readers had a good experience and it was easy to judge when we were successful. Content has been king for a long time and now expects more from his subjects than just random offerings. He wants infrastructure to support it. He wants proof that it’s working.

11 Ways to Lose Blog Followers and Alienate Readers, Inc.

This article is for the serious blogger and the dabbler, too, if the dabbler wants to grow his or her readership. I find that blogging is the hardest thing I ask of my clients. Number 11 seems written just for them. Oh, and for me.

New site hierarchies display in search results, Official Google Blog

Breadcrumbs seem to go in and out of fashion. Now there’s another reason to use them.

4 Ways To Monitor Your Facebook Page Traffic, All Facebook

This helpful article shows how to track traffic in addition to the page insights tool provided by Facebook. It covers WebTrends, Google Analytics and Core Metrics tools.

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