Interview with a client

by guest writer, Kathy Cobb

Interview with Julia Mozumbar, president, Super Cubes LLC

 Julia Mozumbar, president of Super Cubes LLC, worked for a large container company for six years before starting her own container business nearly three years ago. She describes the importance of SEO and a web presence in her business.


 Q: Why did you establish a website instantly and hire an SEO?

JM: The container industry is relationship-based, and given my years of experience and contacts, the supply side was easy. But it was tough to find customers. I needed a website and SEO instantly to get myself noticed. I paid for “lead” services from two companies, but it’s cheaper to have customers find you directly.

Kristeen coordinated with all the search engines, placed advertising in the best places and offered me a full suite of services. I have worked with other SEOs—shopped for them, hired them and fired them. Anyone who promises stardom, stay away from—precisely the firm you don’t want to work with. The rules keep changing, you have to keep retooling and keep energizing the SEO. It’s like if you put up a billboard for a while and never change it, you can’t expect that people will remember that you had a billboard.


Q: What is your target client base?

JM: I don’t know who they are: all ages, individuals and companies, no singular demographic, which makes it harder to advertise—and more important to have an SEO.


Q: Are you doing niche marketing?

JM: Yes, Kristeen sees where traffic is coming from, or I’ll tell her it’s construction season, for example, then she identifies how best to reach those who might be buying.


Q: How has Kristeen met your needs?

JM: First of all, she got me going. Within a month, I had sales. I chalk it up to her. She suggested an overhaul of my website, advertising approaches, blogging, LinkedIn—a list of things to do.

I’ve been in business for three years in September and I can see trends. I’m on the front page on a lot of things, like key words. I’ve decreased what I spent on lead companies. She helped me focus my marketing spending.


Traffic to the site. (Dips have been caused by temporarily stopping PPC ads.)

Q: What kind of strategies did Kristeen suggest that you hadn’t considered, including social media, like Facebook and Twitter?

JM: Blogging is a big one. It’s hard to create a lot of excitement about, say, modifying a container, but Kristeen sees that people have certain questions and finds me information I can share through blogging. I can put my blogs on Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media keeps changing, but I can’t imagine being in business and not having a Facebook page.


Q: Have you seen a return on your investment?

JM: I can track where my inquiries come from and track sales, so I can see what I put in and what I’m getting out. Overall marketing costs are down and sales are up.


Q: Do you expect to expand your business as a result of your web presence?

JM: Oh, yeah! More people are finding me all the time. I have a business presence in 30 cities.


And as if on cue, at the end of the interview Julia received a phone call from someone in rural Missouri asking about using a Super Cube as storm shelter. “He read my blog,” she said.

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