Recommendations for Kristeen Bullwinkle



“Kristeen provided Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work for my new website. Almost immediately I saw results as my website has gotten more and more hits. She identified a wide variety of ways to increase buzz about my site and to draw people to it that go much further beyond other services I have had with previous SEO’s.”

“For six years we have relied on Kristeen to keep our websites and brands in front of our audiences. Through her efforts at SEO, social media, blogging, and competitive research, our e-commerce business has grown every year and become a model for others. Her insights and personality make her an integral part of our team.”

“In a little more than an hour, Kristeen taught me a valuable approach to SEO that is sure to help boost my online platform and performance. I came away from our session with a new understanding of SEO, a bunch of creative ideas, and a list of specific tasks my web team and I can implement immediately. Her approach is clear, practical, accessible, and deeply informed.”

“Kristeen really knows her stuff. I recently participated in a workshop she held on using social media and blogging, and I came away with a much clearer understanding of what resources are available, why blogging works (or doesn’t work) as well as how to generate a wealth of ideas. She explains things well, offers encouragement, and is an enthusiastic speaker.”

“Kristeen is able to be both creative and task-oriented. She brings outstanding organizational skills to her work and is able to energize others as they work toward a common goal.”

“Kristeen is incredibly detail-oriented but never loses sight of the larger picture. She has a natural penchant for strategic planning and a broad understanding of technology.”