Services available

Initial meeting

The initial one-hour meeting is free. Most of my work comes from referrals so I tend to know a little about you and you a little about me. But I need to look at your site and meet with you before I know how I can best help you.

I will ask about your goals for the site, how we might measure my effectiveness, what you know about you audiences, and what problems you’re experiencing.

If you don’t yet have a site, I encourage you to bring me in early on a project so I can meet the designer, the programmer, learn about your needs and get a better idea of how I can help you. You’ll save money in the long run if you consider marketing right from the beginning.

Website reviews

I will review the site against your stated goals. This might mean a review for search engine optimization (SEO); major usability, coding, or information architecture problems; content and marketing strategies. This review can also include your social media.

I might ask for access to your website analytics, a list of top goals for your site, audience personas (if available), and a list of concerns about the site. I might also ask to speak with current visitors to your site.

I’ll respond with a listing of any problems with suggested resolutions, as well as initial recommendations for SEO, content, or other strategies for meeting your top goals.

Competitive review

I’ll look at where you appear in the online market. Where do you appear in search or social media? How competitive is your keyword competition? What are the visible strategies of your competitors? Where and how are people talking about you or your brand(s)?

Deliverables might include keyword rankings, competitor ads, blog topic reviews, mobile and social optimization audits, and suggested strategy for differentiating your site or adapting it to better compete.

Content strategy/marketing strategy

Recommendations for a content strategy. (Assumes prior website review.) Includes determining key performance indicators (KPI) for the site. Sometimes this includes a content audit. It almost always includes an editorial calendar.

For this type of work I like to either assist in implementing the strategy or meet in several weeks to determine how well things are working. I typically review your key goals and your analytics. I can also conduct client interviews. The meeting typically includes a list of suggested content in response to your analytics. It can also include a revised marketing plan, a editorial calendar or other deliverable you request.

What do I mean by analytics?

I’ll look at how you’re getting or not getting traffic. How are people being referred to your site? What are people searching for on your site and in general? How are pages performing? Has the market changed? Have search engines implemented new policies or algorithms that are affecting your site? Are you making money? Which pages are paying off? Which aren’t pulling their weight? Are we reaching  your target market?

SEO (search engine optimization)

I believe this should be an ongoing part of your online content or marketing strategy. I can conduct an SEO audit of your site and make improvements directly on the site or deliver a list of recommendations to you. Since SEO includes obtaining links from other reputable sites and following changes in the search engine industry, it’s very hard to make significant improvements to a site on a one-time basis.

“Kristeen provided Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work for my new website. Almost immediately I saw results as my website has gotten more and more hits. She identified a wide variety of ways to increase buzz about my site and to draw people to it that go much further beyond other services I have had with previous SEO’s.”

AdWords and/or Microsoft AdCenter campaigns
(or other advertising campaigns)

For this type of work I generally charge a monthly fee. I watch your accounts and respond to the market and to your requests. I believe in continuous testing of ads, keywords, landing pages, calls to action, extensions, and other strategies.

Monthly, quarterly or biannual reviews

Perhaps the most important task for a website owner is to review the site’s performance against your key performance indicators (KPIs). During this review we work together to evaluate marketing results and costs, better target your most important audiences, look more new opportunities, update content strategies, and update your editorial calendar. This review can also include training, setting up customized reports in Google Analytics, advising on content (including microcontent, social content) or project management. It should also include an updated analysis of your online competition.

Project management

In general I do project management for website redesigns. I can help you determine your needs, write the RFP, conduct the content audit, rewrite content, work with your designers and programmers, help you choose a contractor or platform, etc. I’ll keep the project on track while you take care of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Writing and editing

I don’t usually write website content unless I’m also working with a client on their content or marketing strategy. For many clients I write blog posts and rewrite current content with an eye towards search engine optimization (SEO), clarity, and audience interest. For some clients I suggest content and write it only if they are swamped or I’ll simply review it for them. I’m happy to educate clients about how to better write for the web and for their audiences.

“Kristeen was hired by my company to help me and my team build our social media presence, fine tune our website and create a blog. Kristeen consulted specifically with me on blog writing. She is truly an expert in her field and is careful to tailor her training and guidance for each client’s specific needs. Kristeen is open, honest, flexible and responds quickly to questions. She provided me with the basis for strong skills in blog writing and social media content, as well as tools for moving forward.”


I believe in educating my clients. The better informed my clients, the more helpful I can be for them. I can train clients on the use of Google Analytics or other analytic tools, current trends in social media, how to develop a content strategy, or SEO basics.


For a few of my clients I do the HTML and CSS coding on their website and their WordPress sites. I do this for an hourly charge.

General consultations

Most of my clients use me to answer questions or concerns as they arise. Examples: Someone has stolen our content, what should we do? Will the new Google changes hurt or help our site? We’re launching a new product, can we talk through some ideas we have? How should we respond to a forum thread about our product? Should we have a Pinterest site? Our CEO is speaking at a major event, do you have ideas on how to make the most of that? How can I change a setting in YouTube?

I charge by the hour with a 15 minute minimum for basic consultation.


I do not claim to be a designer, but some clients have had me set up their WordPress sites or do some tweaking of designs. I do not create original artwork.


I can work one of three ways: hourly, retainer, or by project. Typically I begin with a project or hourly and then move to a retainer after we’ve established a relationship.

My hourly rate is $150. I sometime charge less for a retainer or for non-profits.

I send out invoices once a month with the full amount due in 30 days.


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